Our Story and History

BOUTIQUE SAFARI - Supporting the Maasai People one Safari at a time!

At Boutique Safari we provide our clients with life-changing and bespoke safari experiences while empowering our fellow community members. We are 100% Maasai owned (the only) and straddle traditional life as a Maasai with modern life as local business owners. Boutique Safaris is a way to help evolve our community, provide jobs and invest in our local community, allowing schooling opportunities for our youth, and support to the local orphanage. You can read more about our community impact and support us.

History of Boutique Safari

Our owner, Abby, started Boutique Safari's after many years of guiding with other companies. His reason for creating a bespoke safari company was to provide authentic Maasai experiences to clients, not just amazing wildlife opportunities. As a Maasai himself, he saw other companies using Maasai culture to advertise to potential clients, but they didn't have a connection to this community and culture Really they could show you great wildlife and a fake Maasai experience. It was just a cool thing to do. But nothing beats an authentic experience with the true community!

Your unique experience

In every itinerary, we include the option to authentically immerse yourself in the Maasai culture; engaging and interacting with the community for a unique experience you won't forget. We openly share the Maasai culture with you. This is not a "Disney-fied” experience, it is authentic. Your guide is key to you enjoying and appreciating this experience. All itineraries can be customized. We have bird experts for bird-watchers, women guides for women guests, guides who focus on families, on seniors and LGBTQ. Have you always wanted to see the annual wildebeest migration or climb Kilimanjaro? We have a guide to ensure you get the most of your safari in Tanzania.