Community Impact

It is our Community!

We are a part of this community and are committed to giving back and helping locals, our neighbours, improve their lives. We believe that the key to the future of Maasai families is to provide opportunities for women and youth to obtain an education, access health care and empower them to generate their livelihood in a sustainable and environmentally balanced way.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

With this in mind we are very much involved in supporting the following organisations:

  • Engaruka Community Initiative Organization
  • Maasai Education Foundation

Engaruka Community Initiative Organization

Engaruka, Tanzania is where we were born and where we live. Boutique Safari established the Engaruka Community Initiative Organization in 2014 to provide health, education and economic empowerment services and programs to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children in rural Maasai communities.

This organisation facilitates the building of the local school for the Engaruka English Medium School (EEMPS) project, community infrastructure such as medical clinics and providing programming to allow for sustainability in communities.

The goal of EEMPS is to have classes for grades K thru to 7 educating 280 students with space to board the students by the end of year 2024.

Funds to support this initiative are generated through donations from travellers and international community fundraisers.

Maasai Education Foundation

In 2016 safari members met a young girl selling her beadwork. This young girl was not attending school as is the case for many young Maasai children. Distances to school and the languages in which the education is being presented are just two of the struggles for a young children to achieve a school education. Less than 20% of Maasai children (and less for girls) are literate.

The Maasai Education Foundation was established by these safari members to not only provide an education to this young girl selling her beadwork, but to other young Maasai. The mission of this organisation is to generate funds through donations to support the education goals of the Engaruka Community Initiative Organization.

To make a donation and help this organisation reach their goal, please donate through the organisations website or add the donation to your safari.

Every person participating in a Boutique Safari tour has the opportunity to give to these local organisations. In making a donation as part of your Safari cost you are able to support the continued building of local infrastructure and help children achieve a level of education that would otherwise be unattainable. Talk to your Travel Specialist today about making a donation.