Amazing Moments

Kilimanjaro Climbing for Charity

Climbing for Charity... We are thrilled to host a group of 19 Mount Kilimanjaro climbers raising funds for Developing World Connections, a charity from Canada. The group began their trek up the Lemosho Route today. We wish them a great adventure and successful summit!If you want to climb Kilimanjaro contact us!

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A close encounter

A close encounter with an elephant... This male elephant in Serengeti National Park decided to have a close encounter with our guests. He passed by their vehicle and farted!!!! Another unforgettable safari moment!

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Unique antelope siting

It's a rare siting... This lovely klipspringer was on a large rock in the Serengeti National Park just posing for us. Sitings of this unique antelope are uncommon. They live in rocky areas and are a favourite prey of leopards.

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