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Supporting our Massai people one safari at a time

As the only 100% Massai owned safari company in Tanzania. We are not only providing life-changing experiences to our clients, but we empowering our local Massai communities by investing in them!

We have bird experts for bird-watchers, women guides for women guests, guides who focus on families, on seniors, on gay or lesbian guests or on an event such as the annual wildebeest migration or climbing Kilimanjaro. We have a guide to ensure you get the most of your safari in Tanzania.

In supporting our community, the Massai people, we provide jobs and invest back into the community. We put girls through school, support an orphanage and have an NGO within our business that provides support to our village. We are proud of our culture and are ready to meet you!


My husband gave me (us) a safari trip in Tanzania for my last birthday. An African safari had been on my bucket list for a long time and the anticipation was huge. Friends told us we’d love it, that we’d never forget it, that we’d lose part of our heart to Africa, that something inside of us would change, that we’d always want to come back. How right they were!

Kudos for making this trip such a success goes to Abby, our Masai guide, a very knowledgeable, friendly and entertaining man. In articulate English he happily answered our countless questions. His love for the animals and nature was contagious. Over six full days, we got to see all the animals up front and personal. It was humbling to watch them live in harmony with each other, bolt in a mad dash to avoid a predator, predators protecting their kill, predators courting. The most stunning sight was the migration of wildebeest and zebras to Serengeti. It all blew us away! Abby also took us to a Masai village in Ngorongoro, where we were invited into a family hut to see how they lived. Avery special privilege. Accommodations all around were excellent. The food was delicious. We highly recommend Boutique Safari and Abby to anyone looking for the trip of a lifetime!

Bo and Ulla Hakanson, Canada

Africa was the one place I had wanted to travel to since I was a little girl. My expectations of what I would see and experience were extremely high. I dreamed of the animals, the people, the villages, the colors, the food, and wanted it all to be just as I imagined it. It was hard to believe that my experience far exceeded my expectations and this was no doubt in large part from our amazing guide, Ole. His knowledge, experience, professionalism, kindness and consideration of guest’s needs and wants, his keen eye, incredible driving skills, connections to the local community, and amazing grasp of the English language all blew me away. I was shown animals, plants, birds, insects, landmarks, people, culture, food, markets, orphanages, and landscapes, all beyond what I could have possibly hoped for. I truly can’t wait to return to Africa, and bring my husband and anyone else who wants the experience of a lifetime, to tour with Ole again as soon as possible.

Nicole MacKenzie, Canada

Olemisiko Matthews is a guide my wife Deb and I met on our trip to Tanzania. Ole is Maasai, grew up in a Maasai village and had the good fortune to get an education which culminated with a 2 year college program in wildlife management. He has an incredible blend of village knowledge and western education. As a guide he was unmatched, with the ability to find game, and then explain everything at any level of detail we asked. For example, he was explaining why the different groups of grazing animals coexist due to the different grazing patterns based on the chemical composition of the grasses. Wow! He now runs his own guide service. Ole is 100% reliable.

Dave and Deb Mallory, Canada
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