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Your Africa vacation package to Tanzania including Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro

Your dreams about your african adventure will be met on this trip! 8 Days travelling from Arusha to Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro will leave you wildlife struck. Have the opportunity to watch lions, elephant, giraffe, monkeys and more on this tour of Tanzania. Your guide will ensure everything is organised so all you have to do is observe the wildlife.


Highlights of a Tanzania Safari!

Day 1

Arrive into Kilimanjaro

Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro, meet your guide. You will then be assisted with your bags and whisked off to the Arumeru River Lodge - a green oasis by Arusha. This is the perfect way to start your Tanzanian Safari.

Arumeru River Lodge
Located on a large property halfway between Arush and Kilimajaro airport, you will enjoy the green space this lodge offers. Each room is an individual bungalow surrounded by beautiful gardens that are home to monkeys and many bird species.

The property has 30 suites, a swimming pool, a massage room, a restaurant and bar all in amongst beautiful lush gardens.

Accommodation: Arumeru River Lodge

Day 2

Arusha to Tarangire National Park

After enjoying a freshly cooked and filling breakfast we start our drive to Tarangire National Park. This national park is a gorgeous reserve celebrated for its millions of ancient baobab trees, creating one of the most dramatic landscapes imaginable. And with a permanent water source, Tarangire is virtually guaranteed excellent game viewing at all times, including lion (some tree-climbing!), leopard and a herd of 3,500 elephants. We stay at tranquil oasis overlooking the rolling plains.

Tarangire Sopa Lodge
The lodge lies hidden among the kopjes, ancient baobab and grasses of the Tarangire National Park - home to the greatest concentration of elephants in Africa. Frequently you will find elephants on the property as the lodge is built to blend into its surroundings and there are no fences.

On site you will find 75 suites each with their own private lounge and mini-bar.

Meals Included: B |  L |  D

Accommodation: Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Day 3

Onward to Serengeti National Park

This morning a game drive in Tarangire National Park is on the agenda. Dotted with exotic trees such as the giant fig, baobab and mahogany and famous for lions that sprawl on trees (though rare these days).

We then head to Serengeti National Park. Depart after lunch for Serengeti National Park arriving at our lodge in time for dinner, we find ourselves deep in the heart of this famous migration corridor. With its wide-open spaces, bright blue skies and creature-filled landscape, over the next two days we will discover why the fabled Serengeti typifies the dream of “Old Africa.” Large prides of lions laze in the long grasses; plentiful families of elephants feed on acacia bark and trumpet to each other across the plains, while giraffes, gazelles, monkeys, eland and the whole range of African wildlife present themselves in awe-inspiring numbers.

Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Serengeti Sopa Lodge lies within an area of out-standing natural beauty. Located on the edge of the escarpment overlooking the plains of the south-western Serengeti National Park, home to many thousands of wild and rare animals. With 73 rooms each with a lounge, verandah and vast views of the Serengeti, you can continue your wildlife viewing.

Meals Included: B |  L |  D

Accommodation: Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Day 4

Serengeti National Park

Another full day in Serengeti game viewing, After breakfast this morning, enjoy a game drive. The great diversity of Serengeti wildlife is also evident here—look for buffalo, hippopotamus, elephant, giraffe, antelope, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelle, lions, and in season the spectacular migration of the wildebeest. In late afternoon we venture out in another game drive. Everywhere there are animals, monkeys and, yes, birds…but look closely and you will thrill to the huge jungle cats—lion, leopard and cheetah—just watching the world go by. And go by it does. Rhino, gazelle, antelope and massive elephants by the hundreds. Animals in the trees, on the wing, camouflaged in the bush, in rivers and in streams.

Meals Included: B |  L |  D

Accommodation: Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Day 5

Serengeti National Park

Today head out into the Serengeti for more wildlife viewing. Enjoy a picnic lunch with the magical Serengeti as your backdrop.

Meals Included: B |  L |  D

Accommodation: Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Day 6

Serengeti National Park

With over 14,763km2 in the Serengeti National Park, you guide will continue to show you the beautiful landscapes with the conservation area.

Meals Included: B |  L |  D

Accommodation: Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Day 7

Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Crater

A lovely drive takes us to Ngorongoro Crater, where our lodge sits dramatically on the rim of the crater, revealing an awesome panorama of the world’s largest, unflooded and unbroken caldera. Be prepared for some remarkable views down into the crater. The caldera of Ngorongoro marks the ancient walls of a collapsed volcano, which was probably once the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Today the completely enclosed circular crater is some twelve miles across, with steep walls of over 2,000 feet. We are at an altitude of approximately 7,500 feet above sea level, the highest point on our trip. After our time on the lower plains, the cooler air here is refreshing. En route you visit Olduvai Gorge and Dr. Leakey’s Museum, or just go onward to stay at the lodge and admire the view.

Meals Included: B |  L |  D

Accommodation: Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Day 8

Ngorongoro Crater Tour

Early this morning we descend 2,000 feet to the crater floor to explore this natural zoological park, and observe an extraordinary variety of wildlife: elephant, rhinoceros, lion, hyena, zebra, wildebeest, Thomson's gazelle, reedbuck, and buffalo. The lovely crested crane (similar to a peacock) can be found in great profusion here and maybe you'll spot a bat-eared fox. The balance of predator and prey in this extraordinary ecosystem is so precise that animals seldom leave. Over 30,000 animals live here: prides of lion, elephant, leopard, cheetah and giraffe, gazelle by the thousands and multitudes of wildebeest. Please note: Only ½ day tours may be allowed while in the crater. Later in the Afternoon ascend to the crater rim for last glance then followed by transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport for your departure flight back home or proceed with other safari arrangements.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Facing the always magnificent sunsets to the west, and located at the highest point on Ngorongoro crater’s entire rim, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge stands well over half a kilometre above the crater floor and offers unparalleled views across this enormous caldera.

Meals Included: B |  L

This tour can be combined with an extension beach holiday to Zanzibar or Mafia Island. Connect with a Boutique Safari's representative today to plan your Tanzanian vacation package today!

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