• There are 120 tribes of different people in Tanzania, from the Maasai of the North to the Swahili of the coast.

Swahili woman – Stone Town

  • Our company founders, Abbey and Raymond, are Maasai and grew up in the bush in traditional Maasai culture. Their unique cultural connection provides many opportunities to learn and interact with local Maasai people that few other safari companies can match.

Maasai women singing


  • Despite the incredible diversity of tribes, Tanzania doesn’t suffer from tribal conflict like some other countries in Africa. They are united in one country, using one language (Kiswahili) and one people. Most people speak English as well. Locals are generally warm, friendly, and happy to see you – expect to hear a very warm greeting of “Jambo” wherever you go.

Beach ladies – Zanzibar


Stone Town’s narrow street life