Tanzania’s South: The Selous, Ruaha and Mikumi National Parks

cape-buffalo- Ruaha-national-park-safari

Cape Buffalo – Ruaha Park

Tanzania’s South is regarded very highly by safari enthusiasts for a number of reasons; the huge parks allow open vehicle and off road game viewing with very few tourists and the experience of the ‘real African bush’. The famous parks in the Southern Safari Circuit are Selous National Park, Ruaha National Park, and Mikumi National Park.  A highlight of South Tanzania compared to other safari areas in Tanzania is that you are not simply restricted to game driving in a vehicle – there are plenty of walking safaris, boating safaris, and fly camp options.

The South compared to the North

The first and most important questions are: Should you safari in the North or the South of Tanzania, and how long should you spend on safari?  Fortunately, the northern safari parks are very different to those in the South.  The South also has some animals that are either very rare in the North or aren’t found in the North such as wild dogs, sable antelope and kudu.


Selous open vehicle safari

The Southern camps and lodges tend to be more intimate, parks more remote, better value for money, and easier to get to with less stop over and shorter flights. However, the South doesn’t have the migration or the concentration of animals that the North has.

Our Southern Circuit Safari Itineraries

Here are the links to our most popular Southern Circuit Safari itineraries: The Complete Southern Circuit; Selous HighlightsRuaha & Mikumi; and The Ultimate Selous. We are happy to work with you to customize your own itinerary to create the safari that is just right for you.