Dar Es Salaam Tour

In addition to traditional safari tours, we also provide cultural and historical tours of some of Tanzania’s important sites and cities such as Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. Guests can choose which sites they prefer to see depending on the length of the tour, thereby making the most of the limited time you have.

This Dar es Salaam tour provides a closer look at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s bustling capital. The Dar es Salaam visit highlights the most important historical and cultural points of interest with some insight into the daily activities of locals living in the city.

The tour starts and ends in Dar es Salaam city center where your driver/local tour guide will meet you. The first part of the tour is the city center filled with busy streets, shops, commercial buildings and government offices. “Dar” is a major regional commercial centre and guests often remark as how busy life seems in the capital. Next, we drive toward Mnazi Moja Park where you can see a replica of the Uhuru Torch Monument. The original one was erected on Mt. Kilimanjaro to commemorate freedom from colonialism that came with independence.

Continue with your sightseeing drive, heading to Village museum, Tinganga market, and the Mwenge Carvings Market. These markets are very popular with tourists as they provide many opportunities to view the remarkable artisan products produced by local artists. Rarely do you come home without any treasures to remember your trip to Tanzania!

Finally, we visit the National Museum where you will be able to see historical and archaeological items, among them Louis and Mary Leakey’s findings from Olduvai Gorge. These human fossils displayed in the Hall of Man include the skull of the so-called Nutcracker Man.  There is also a collection of tribal ornaments, headdresses, witchcraft paraphernalia and traditional musical instruments collected from various regions in Tanzania. The museum offers much insight into the tribes of Tanzania and their traditional ways of life. (The museum is not air-conditioned).

Note: Expect the weather to be hot and humid. The order of sites may vary depending on traffic. Some of the sites are closed on Sundays, Saturdays and during public holidays.


Prices vary depending on a number of factors including the time of year you are travelling, the number of persons in your group, whether you have any children in your group. We are happy to provide you with pricing information if you can provide us with some basic details including those already noted. Contact us for pricing by clicking on this link.