Dar es Salaam and Coastal Bagamoyo Tours


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Dar Es Salaam is reinventing itself. This coastal capital is emerging as a city that is cosmopolitan and even enjoyable to explore. “Dar” remains at heart a bustling Swahili market town, yet is a centre of trade and commerce attracting ambitious Africans from all of Tanzania and its neighbouring countries, and international communities who come to this port for all manner of business. Here is the hub of communication in Tanzania, a far cry from the lifestyle and experiences of the rural majority. The Coast is also lovely and interesting to visit, particularly the city of Bagamoyo with its important historical role as an ivory and slave-trading port and the Kaole Ruins.

Our Dar es Saalam and Bagamoya Tours

Here are links to our most popular Dar es Salaam and Coast Tours: Dar es Salaam Tour; Bagamoyo; East Coast and Bagamoyo Tour. We are happy to work with you to  customize the itinerary that is just right for you. We can also work with you to add on a safari or before or afterwards.