How We Do It 


Huge Bull Elephant- Ngorongoro

Selecting A Safari

There are many different types of Tanzania safaris with itineraries, special-interest focuses and options to meet every budget and requirement. From Ngorongoro to the Serengeti to the Selous, Boutique Safari will work with you to create a trip of a lifetime.

lion pride Serengeti boutique safari

Lion pride – Serengeti

We are Maasai: We work closely with each client iteratively creating your bespoke safari. Every tour is customized but there is one constant – authentic immersion in Maasai culture. We are Maasai and want you to become our friends.

Hand-picked Guides: Your safari guide is selected based on your interests. We have migration experts, bird experts, women guides, experienced leaders for families, seniors, gay/lesbian guests and adventurous climbers. We have extensive training in wild animal behaviour, first aid, tourism and local culture.

Unique Experiences:  We offer experiences that interactive, educational and authentic. We engage you with our community by sharing our Maasai lives. Choose a visit to our village, a Maasai women’s school, or an orphanage.  You’ll meet some amazing people.

Safety and Security: We take you safety and that of our team very seriously. We will do our utmost to ensure you have a safe, unforgettable holiday in Tanzania. We also won’t put you in danger to get that “perfect photo”. We understand wild animal behaviour and don’t push the limits.

Our Ethics: We take the protection of our culture, heritage, parks, and wild animals very seriously. These are our national treasures that we hope to share with the world for generations to come. We provide our guests a “Safari and Tour Code of Ethics” which we hope will educate you and ensure that you enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

Our website pages describe specific areas of Tanzania with sample safari itineraries. Please contact us with your questions or ideas. We understand this is a special trip with many considerations. You are in good hands.