Safari Videos

Boutique Safari has it’s own YouTube page where we have loaded many of our videos. Our “Answer Africa’s Call” video is our highlight. Here are some of our other favourite safari videos taken by us and many others.

Serengeti Hippo Pool

Serengeti Hippo Pool

1. Elephants Mourning – In this touching scene from National Geographic, elephants delicately stroke the bones of an ancestor. We cannot know what they are thinking, but perhaps, like humans, they have a sense of a shared history?

2. Wildebeest Migration – Crossing the Mara River – A Boutique Safari Video

3. Lions Mating in Serengeti National Park – A Boutique Safari Video

4. Maasai Women’s School Graduation – A Boutique Safari Video

5. Annual Wildebeest Migration Trailer – A Boutique Safari Video

6. Lake Manyara Serena Lodge – A Boutique Safari Video

7. The Lion Whisperer – Astonishing Animal Behaviourist