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The Boutique Safari Team - Maasai

The Boutique Safari Team – Maasai owned

We are delighted to introduce you to our team. Boutique Safaris Ltd. is locally owned and operated by Tanzanians of the Maasai Tribe with significant experience in all Tanzanian travel; from customized safaris to visit our incredible national parks teeming with animals, to treks to Mount Kilimanjaro, to tours of the island of Zanzibar and other specialized adventures such as chimpanzee safaris, we can assist you in creating your adventure of a lifetime.

Abbey Olemisiko (“Ole”): Ole has been a professional wildlife and safari guide since 2003. He has led tours through every region of Tanzania and his expertise is exceptional. In addition to being a consummate professional, Ole is uniquely suited for his profession. He has spent his young life in the Tanzanian bush and was traditionally raised as a member of the Maasai tribe. Thus, in addition to an incredible gift for understanding and spotting animals, his knowledge of their habits, habitat and capacity to predict their location is uncanny. Furthermore, Ole is intimately connected to his culture and openly shares his Maasai traditions with guests. Finally, Ole is a birding expert. With over 1100 species of birds in Tanzania, if birds are your passion, then Ole is your guide.

abbey- boutique-safari

happy guests with Abbey


Abbey’s infectious smile!

Raymond Teekishe: Raymond has over ten years experience as a licensed safari guide, lodge and tented camp manager and tour leader throughout Tanzania. Raised in traditional Maasai culture adjacent to Tarangire National Park, Raymond grew up surrounded by wildlife and his passion translated a career in the safari industry. Passionate about preserving both the biodiversity and Maasai culture, Raymond developed a wealth of knowledge by working in numerous National Parks managing lodges and camps. His familiarity with all aspects of wildlife and the management of Tanzania’s Parks delights clients as he often knows those special places to find species that few others can find.

Raymond & Ole

Raymond & Ole











Paul Pelletier: Having been part of the management and operations of a family tour company for close to twenty years with a special focus on Africa, Paul brings particular expertise to our company. Paul is an international travel expert who just happens to also be a Canadian corporate lawyer and a project manager. Paul’s combination of skills is superbly suited for ensuring every detail is carefully planned. Paul is tri-lingual (English, French & Spanish) and has organized and guided tours on every continent. He has led many group tours in Africa focusing on Tanzania. Working as a consultant, he assists in general business administration, management , and liaises with our clients, assisting with your customized safari and group tour plans.


Paul with child at orphanage – Arusha


Paul at tented camp- Serengeti