Boutique’s Community Engagement

Boutique Safaris is committed to giving back and helping locals improve their lives. In particular, we believe that the key to the future of our local families is to provide opportunities for women and youth to obtain an education, access health care and empower them to generate their livelihood in a sustainable and environmentally balanced way.

Boutique Safari is in the process of establishing a charity or Non-Governmental Organization called the Engaruka Development Organization. Engaruka is the Maasai village where our company founder, Abbey and his wife, were born and raised. The aim of this non-profit organization is to support marginalized communities, especially women and youth. The means of support Engaruka will provide include economic empowerment programs so that the community members can establish income-generating projects, educational support and sponsorship, literacy projects, direct local access to healthcare, improving environmental hygiene (i.e. access to clean water) and sustainability.

Boutique is already sponsoring 8 Maasai girls to attend secondary school, college and University. The company has also purchased land near the village for the future site of Engaruka’s medical clinic, dispensary and community outreach centre.

Boutique also supports other local non-profit organizations through their cultural tours. For example, we bring our guests to the Cradle of Love Baby Home. AIDS has devastated Africa and left thousands of children orphans. Your visit will provide you with a chance to lend support to the community. Expect to be touched and emotionally moved by the incredible spirit and hope of children. We are firm believers in sharing our blessings and this will be a unique chance to do just that. See their website for more information.


Orphanage child – Arusha

We also bring guests to the local market in Arusha for an inside view of how locals sell and buy food and other products. Our guests find this highly interactive tour fascinating, educational and fun. We also support the Shanga Foundation.  Shanga is the Swahili word for “bead” and was founded as a for-profit company to create a community that supports and empowers those Tanzanians who have been marginalized by their disabilities. You will tour this remarkable facility (which is located on a coffee plantation which you will also tour) and interact with some of the 42 disabled Tanzanians employed there. All income from the Shanga workshop, restaurant and shop sales goes towards employing more disabled people – the waiting list for jobs is endless.  See  the website link to Shanga for more details of this wonderful place.