Our Maasai Story & Mission

Abby Olemisiko, Boutique's Masai Founder

Abby Olemisiko, Boutique’s Maasai Founder

Our Maasai Story & Mission

Inspiring Change for the Lives of the Maasai People – One Safari at a Time

We are on a mission: To provide our clients with a life-changing, bespoke safari experience that also empowers our Maasai people. We are the only 100% Maasai owned safari company in Tanzania. We were born in villages near Tanzania’s famous national parks. Our families have lived here for generations. Straddling the traditional life of the Maasai and the modern life of local business-owners we are helping our community evolve.

Masailand - Grazing

Maasailand – Grazing

After 15 years working in the safari business, we started Boutique Safari because other safari companies use Maasai advertising but have no link to the Maasai community. Our culture is being appropriated and “Disney-fied”. Tourists are being taken to mock Maasai villages turning us into something you see but you don’t touch. You have no chance to actually meet us. We want that to change – we’re really serious about our mission.



Lots of safari companies customize safaris for guests. With all of them you will experience Tanzania – a land of diverse wildlife, unspoiled nature, and some of the world’s most unique landscapes.

Masai woman - our village

Maasai woman – our village

What makes our safaris unique? Regardless of your itinerary, you’ll have opportunities for authentic immersion and engagement with the Maasai people. You will meet our people and interact with us. We share our culture openly we’ll even take you to our village if you ask.

Your safari guide is key to making your vacation a life-changing experience. Our guides are carefully selected based on your interests. What does that mean? We have bird experts for bird-watchers, women guides for women guests, guides who focus on families, on seniors, on gay or lesbian guests or on an event such as the annual wildebeest migration or climbing Kilimanjaro.

Back to our mission – Your safari will change lives. We provide jobs to the Maasai community and invest back into it. We put girls through school, support an orphanage and have an NGO within our business that provides support to our village.