Mountain Gorilla Treks

We organize “once in a lifetime” gorilla trekking experiences, in both Rwanda and Uganda. Our tours can also include chimpanzee and golden monkey trekking. Our gorilla tours normally begin in Kigali, Rwanda as this is the ideal starting point, whether you wish to trek in Uganda or Rwanda.

                                           Our owner, Abby, with gorillas in Rwanda

Our treks can also include the unique 4-hour gorilla habituation experience offered only in Uganda in very limited numbers (4 permits allowed per day). Treks always involved professional guides and national park wardens (required by law). We can add gorilla trekking at the end of a safari in Tanzania/Kenya or as a single tour.

A remarkable silverback male gorilla

If you’re interested in a gorilla trek, contact us.  You’ll never regret this remarkable experience – up close and personal with mountain gorillas!